About Us

We are a small, family run company, established in providing residential care for over 40 years.
We decided to specialise in clients with a mental health diagnosis in 1998.
We are registered and inspected by CQC.

Our admissions are following referrals from an individuals care team. On receipt of a referral, our Registered Manager, or other senior staff member will arrange to carry out an initial assessment to see if we can meet the required needs. A prospective client will only be accepted if the manager feels confident that the Home can adequately meet those needs.

Prior to admission each potential client is given in writing, a clear statement of the terms under which our accommodation is offered, each client is given a copy of our Complaints Procedure and our Residents Charter upon taking up residence.

Every client has the opportunity to visit the Home at least once prior to admission and to reside in our Home on a trial basis for a reasonable period, up to 12 weeks. During the trial period, we familiarise the client with the Home and introduce him/her to staff members and other clients.

From the moment the client arrives, we establish records, which are regularly updated, until such time as the client leaves us.

Each client may have access to their records on request and with assistance from their key worker in accordance with Access to Information Act 1987. During the trial period, we monitor the client’s adjustment to his/her new surroundings, by noting the following: the client’s relationship with the staff, & other residents living in the home.

It is our policy to avoid unplanned admissions where possible. There may be occasions when an emergency arises for an individual however, and so, subject to availability, we can accept these if we can meet the needs. Emergency admissions will only be accepted on the condition that sufficient information is given to the Manager to assess whether the prospective resident’s requirements can be broadly met within the facilities and services on offer at the Home. The manager undertakes to inform the resident within 48 hours about key aspects of the Home and to complete a full assessment of need within 5 working days.