Good times!

Pumpkin Carving at Camelot Lodge

We are so thank for the love & care you gave R in the 9 years he lived with you.  You are all beyond amazing – the staff make Arthur Court what it is and Folkestone is lucky to have you”

– Quote from a family member

Pumpkin Picking Day Trip

St Patrick’s Day at Camelot Lodge

“I cannot thank ACL enough.  They don’t just offer a home, but they also open their hearts as well.  I now have people in my life that have been nothing but supportive and who go above and beyond with their compassion.  Never giving up on me, to enable me to walk out of the darkness to grow in to a more full and happier life”

– Quote from a resident

Animal Rescue Retreat Day Trip

“Thank you for caring so genuinely and making the last few years of P’s life enjoyable and for making her feel loved.  Your work is often undervalued but the work you do is amazing”

– Quote from a family member

Crazy Golf Day Trip

“Thank you for looking after me ……. I love living here.  I know I am not the easiest person to know”

– Quote from a resident

Pumpkin Carving & Hot Chocolates 2022

Mexican Day 2022

“Thank you all for looking after L at his most vulnerable time, it was most appreciated by us and L. We ALL needed your help”

– Quote from a family member